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Kathleen Bliss
Fritz Borinski
Karl Mannheim
J H Oldham

Kathleen Bliss (1908-1989) was one of the most influential women in the formative period of the World Council of Churches and a distinguished member of the ecumenical movement. Born Kathleen Mary Moore she converted to the Anglican Church from a Congregationalist upbringing. She studied at Girton College, Cambridge. After marrying Reverend Rupert Bliss she travelled with him to India where they worked as educational missionaries between 1932 and 1939. During the war she worked closely with J H Oldham whose concerns to involve lay intellectuals in Christian thought she upheld. She succeeded Oldham as editor of the Christian News-Letter in 1945, a post which she held until 1949. She was responsible for organising the BBC Christian-Humanist debate. She was the general secretary of the Board of Education of the Church of England from 1958 to 1966 and then served on the Public Schools Commission. In 1967, at St Mary the Great, Cambridge, she became the first women to preach a University Sermon. She lectured in religious studies at the Sussex University from 1967 until her retirement in 1972.