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The Moot

Mimi Hatton

Arabella Kurdi



The Archives

What are Archives ... ?

Archives are specially selected, for permanent preservation, from the non-current records and documents created by organisations, institutions and individuals. They can take the form of papers (both hand and typewritten), images and photographs, or sound recordings. They may include any of the above which may have been created and stored in an electronic format. Not all records become archives. Those items which are included in archives are preserved permanently because they provide evidence of the creators’ activities or because they contain information which is historically relevant. In this sense Archives form the written memory of a person or organisation.

This website is concerned with four separate archives deposited at The Institute of Education, University of London. These are the Records of the Moot, Records of German Educational Reconstruction, The Papers of Arabella Kurdi, and The Papers of Mimi Hatton. The collections vary greatly in their format and content but they all provide a unique insight into the history of post war reconstruction and education. Together they present an invaluable historical resource.