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The GER Papers

Minutes and letters contained within the GER archive indicate that its members began planning an archive shortly after the decision to wind up the organisation was taken. Dr James Henderson of the Institute of Education History Department, who was a member of the GER Board from 1946, entered into negotiations, during the summer of 1958, with Professor Joseph Lauwerys, the Institute of Education’s first Professor of Comparative Education, offering the papers and periodicals of the GER to form an archive. Lauwerys accepted the proposal and the papers were deposited in the Institute of Education under the personal supervision of Mr Douglas Foskett, the Institute Librarian.

The papers were arranged, classified and summarily catalogued by Miss L J Anderson, research assistant, under the direction of Dr Arthur Haernden, department of Comparative Education, Institute of Education, between 1974 and 1976, while he conducted research into British education policy in early post-war Germany. The collection photographed and placed on microfiches at this time.

This project has allowed the creation of an in-depth electronic catalogue according to current international archival cataloguing standards. The arrangement and classification of the 1970s have been retained in order to provide continuity of references.

The collection contains minutes; correspondence, administrative and policy files; bulletins, reports and memoranda; files on conferences, meetings and group visits; material relating to a wide range of other organisations; and press cuttings 1943-1958. Much of the correspondence and some of the reports are written in German.